Lit' for Life Family Literacy - 2014 POSTER CONTEST National Literacy Day 2014 Entry and Judging Information Entries must be received by October 22, 2014 DON'T FORGET TO PAPER CLIP YOUR POSTER TO THE POSTER SUBMISSION FORM and SUBMIT THE FORM AND POSTER BY OCTOBER 22, 2014 to Simmons Ink and Stitch, Shoppingtown Mall, 3649 Erie Blvd. E, Dewitt, NY 13214 Drop Off Mall hours — Monday through Saturday Noon — 6pm, 430-5972 Please note: Entries cannot be accepted in person at the store on October 15 - October 18, 2014 ADDRESS ALL QUESTIONS FOR THE CONTEST TO LYSA SIMMONS 430-5972 1. All group team members must be enrolled in grades K-12 as of September 1, 2014.. All group members must be listed on the Registration Form. Entrants must be elementary or high school students in the following entrance categories: a. Individual Category 1- Grades K — 3 b. Individual Category 2 - Grades 4 — 6 c. Individual Category 3 - Grades 7 -9 d. Individual Category 4 - Grades 10 — 12 e. Group Category 5 — any group entry of 2 or more person is a team. Teams cannot be more than 4 members who represent a single agency, church, school, athletic team or any other common entity. 2. Posters must original designs created on 8.5 inches by 11 inches (letter size) paper. Any weight of paper is permitted. 3. Theme: The poster must demonstrate and celebrate family literacy. The poster must and include a "tag line, theme or title" that will encourage families to read together. The poster must demonstrate the importance of reading. Winning poster submissions may be translated into shirts, bookmarks, book covers and/or other items but the poster should be submitted on letter size paper, 8.5"x11” 4. It is recommended that the poster is submitted flat between cardboard or another material to prevent it from tearing or folding. 5. Posters must be the original design and creation of the entrant(s). 6. Computer graphics or other materials may be used but submitted not in a 3 dimensional format. All submissions must be able to be scanned using a flat- bed scanner. 7. Contestants agree that the poster may be displayed during the National Literacy Day event at Shoppingtown mall up to 2 weeks prior to the event and during the event. 8. Entrants also agree that posters may be photographed and featured in current and future publications, and all media and online promotions. 9. All entries become the property of Lit' for Life Family Literacy and will not be returned. 10. All contestants and winners will be notified in person on November 1, 2014. All contestants are expected to be present at Shoppingtown Mall by 1:00 p.m. in the Shoppingtown Mall Food Court and the designated location where winners will be announced.   Lit' for Life Family Literacy - 2014 POSTER CONTEST — PAGE 2 National Literacy Day 2014 11. Entrants must complete the Poster Submission form available at by clicking the link for National Family Literacy Day 12. Write the entrance category (see item # 1) on the back of your poster and submit the poster with a registration form (See item #12 below.) 13. Complete a Poster Submission Form which is available from the following locations: a. Simmons Ink and Stitch; Shoppingtown Mall which is open Mondays-Saturdays from noon — 6 p.m. b. Online: click the link for National Family Literacy Day 14. Print the Poster Registration Form and paper clip it to the poster. Please do-not use staples. 15. A single person or team may submit up to 3 posters. However, a separate entry registration form must accompany each poster. Posters must be postmarked by October 22, 2014 or delivered in person to Simmons Ink and Stitch, Shoppingtown Mall on or before October 122, 2014 by 6:00 p.m. Multiple entries may be mailed together but must have separate registration forms. Mail posters to: Simmons Ink and Stitch — Poster Contest Shoppingtown Mall 3649 Erie Blvd. East Dewitt, NY 13214 Evaluation Local volunteers who are committed to family literacy and education will judge the posters on the following criteria: a. Theme — entrants must think of a theme and develop a poster around their theme. The theme should promote family literacy, books, reading, libraries, etc. b. Overall impact of the display for eye-catching appeal, visual attractiveness, and its ability to draw interest in reading and family literacy. c. Creativity and Clarity - The grand prize poster will be professionally printed for distribution. Brightcolors, clear lettering and good spelling are important. Prizes: a. Grand Prize Winner— use of the poster in a future promotion for National Literacy Day; reproduction of the poster in marketing and media. Poster will be made into 200 bookmarks and available at least 2 local libraries. Winner receives their poster made into a key chain Gift Certificate b. Second Prize Winner — Poster will be made into 50 bookmarks available at the Dewitt Community Library, poster made into a key chain for each entrant c. Third Prize Winner— poster made into a mouse pad for entrant(s) d. Honorable Mention Winners - poster made into a mouse pad for the contestant.