Charitable Donations: 
We would love to give to every worthy cause there is but that is beyond our capability.  Therefore, if you are seeking a donation of any kind, please be aware of the following: 1) contributions are made up to a $25.00 value; 2) a copy of the advertisement for the event must be submitted in writing and verifiable. Electronic submissions are acceptable such as a link, poster, etc. - we need this for tax tracking purposes; 3) the person requesting the contribution must be a current or past customer who has patronized Simmons Ink and Stitch within the last year; 4) only one donation for the same cause or person per year; 5) the request must include a list of the item(s) being requested.  Please note that we do not provide cash donations.

  1. Embroidery's beauty is best with the use of heavyweight 90-100% cotton materials. Lightweight materials do not embroider as well and will tend to pull some– even with heavier backing.
  2. Embroidery causes a natural pulling in the material. This pull or gather is normal but should in most cases be slight. We do not refund or make payment adjustments for slight pulling.
  3. Graphics that are custom made (such as a business logo) or pictures/designs that are redrawn into embroidery language (digitizing) take time to prepare for the final project or so the graphic can be embroidered. This process is called art work. Orders requiring art work may require at least two weeks advance notice to prepare the order.
  4. Embroidery will have a right and wrong side so anything sewn will show the stitching and support material (backing) on the opposite (reverse) side.
  5. It is preferred that there is at least two weeks (12 business days, Mon. - Sat.) lead time to complete most larger orders of up to quantities greater than 10 items -we are a 2 person business :)  ...Less time may be possible for smaller orders. Most orders are filled within 3-5 business days.
  6. Colors shown in computer / text samples sent to you are not exact but are provided to assist you in visualizing the final project. If you are concerned about correct color reproduction, please request to view the sample in person.
  7. We reserve the right to determine the type of stitching (satin or fill) based on the design. This is to provide you with quality work. Lettering in excess of 1 inch in height may require a fill stitch (flat stitching).
  8. The full non-refundable art work charge for digitizing and design/logo recreation must be submitted before any order is started. This charge a separate free that is not refundable and it is not discounted from the final project production costs. Art work charges begin at $27.50 (small design), $35.00 (all digitizing and medium sized projects) and increase based on the complexity of the design. Embroidery designs for jackets have an art work charge of $75-$150.00 due to the size of the image.
  9. Orders may be canceled within 2 business days (not counting Sunday) and must be canceled in writing by email to Simmons Ink and Stitch or by text to 315.430.5972. The time/date of the email or text will be used to determine whether the order was canceled within 2 business days. There will be a full refund less any charges incurred for ordering products, creating custom graphics or art work/digitizing.
  10. The art work charge and deposit is nonnegotiable and nonrefundable even if the customer decides not to place the final order. Reproducing art work takes time and our time is valuable.
  11.  Discounts may be available for multiple orders of the same project in excess of 5 pieces.
  12. The art work fee is charged only once for the same design on multiples of the same fabric/garment/object. If the design is significantly changed or an alternate design is requested, additional art work fees may be applied. Additional art work charges will apply for larger items or items requiring the use of a different format, for example hats, jacket backs, and certain fabrics. Art work charges wil be communicated and must be paid in advance of starting an order.
  13. You can order additional product (a duplicate order) at a later date and use the same design (with no modifications) without incurring an additional art work charge unless: a)  the material requires different art work, b) the size of the image is changed, c) the art work is for a hat. In this event additional charges may apply. See item #12 above.
  14. The total fee for digitizing art work is based on a "per stitch" count which equates to the final size and time it will take to stitch the design.  After the art is submitted to us, we will redesign/recreate it (digitize it)  and then we will run a stitch count to determine the cost of the embroidery. The minimum cost is a nonrefundable $35.00 for the first $10,000 stitches.  If there are more than 10,000 stitches the cost will be $9.00 per each additional 1,000 stitches. (Click on the Pricing Tab for more information on Pricing).
  15. Some designs to be digitized will require a non-refundable $75.00 - $150.00 deposit which is determined by the complexity of the design. Jacket backs to be embroidered will incur a minimum $75.00 art work charge.
  16. Changes to art work are made free of charge and include up to 2 additional edits.  Edits made after the first run of the order or edits exceeding the initial 2 free edits will incur a minimum re-editing fee of $25.00.
  17. Samples - Most of our customers rest assured knowing that in addition to seeing a proof via email, text or a  comparable sample their order will be satisfactorily delivered. We completely understand the peace of mind that comes from seeing the actual final product derived from your imagination, photos and design efforts. However, the cost of any project is the time and labor involved to produce the item (art work, set up and clean up). Thus, providing samples is sometimes cost prohibitive.  When possible, we will provide one comparative sample  per order at no cost to our customers. A comparable sample is produced using the same or similar product and production method but this does not mean the final item will be the exactly what the customer ordered.  An exact product sample will only be provided for orders in excess of 100 pieces and where the required order deposit has been paid in full.  An exact product sample will have a minimum fee of $10.00 for most t-shirt , fabric and embroidery samples and $15.00.00 for most sublimation hard substrate samples. In the event an exact item sample is requested and it is not available in the current store stock there will be additional charges to cover the shipping and handling. The shipping and handling costs will be the responsibility of the customer. Sample costs will be deducted from the balance of the order provided there are are no changes to the design. This means the sample is FREE!  However, design errors resulting from Simmons Ink and Stitch such as a misspelled word, will afford the customer an additional sample at no additional cost.  
  18. We reserve the right to decline a job if after seeing the object to be sewn we determine it is not appropriate for sewing or there are other professional quality concerns. Payments made for digitizing are not refundable even in this circumstance.
  19. Designs and products digitized and or sold by Simmons Ink and Stitch are used for marketing and advertising purposes including but not limited to Internet, (web and social) and print media.
  20. Promotional products are not refundable. Simmons Ink and Stitch reserves the right to either replace, exchange or refund an item not to the customer's satisfaction and a result of company error if notice of the concern by the customer is provided within 3 business days from receipt of the item.  Simmons Ink and Stitch is not responsible for reproduction concerns resulting from the receipt of poor graphics or customer errors.
  21. Shipping costs are not refundable. There is a minimum $10.00 fee for shipping small items or $20.00 for larger or out of region orders.
  22. A returned check fee of $35.00  or the amount of the bank fee incurred by Simmons Ink and Stitch will be charged for checks not honored by the bank.
  23. Customers are responsible for any court or other fees incurred for collection efforts.
  24. Invoices over 30 days due will be charged an additional $25.00 and then $1.00 per day late fee.
  25. Mistakes can happen. If an item is damaged in production as a result of actions by Simmons Ink and Stitch, reserves the option to replace the item with a comparable alternate OR reimburse the item up to a maximum value of $50.00 and up to a maximum of $25.00 per item without a receipt.  (Please review pricing guidelines for Customer Supplied Items and Mistakes.)
  26. Gift Certificates - A Gift Certificate can be used for the purchase of any final item produced by Simmons Ink and Stitch. Gift Certificates can not be used for design and set-up charges. Gift Certificates without an expiration date do not expire during the first year of purchase. However, the value of the certificate will decrease by 10%  per month after the first year and every month thereafter.

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