2014 National Family Literacy Day - Saturday, November 1, 2014 11-3:00 pm

Shoppingtown Mall, Dewitt NY

Sponsored by Lit’ For Life Families, Inc. and Co-sponsored by Simmons Ink and Stitch


Description of Event:

This is an annual event. The event targets families with children and is also offered to encourage minority families to engage with their families by reading together. This event encourages family literacy, especially for economically disadvantaged youth. The event is open to the public. The event usually serves about 300+ participants. The event will provide families with educational information on books, reading services and other community reading sponsored services and events.  Vendors who choose to participate must have a majority of products that pertain to reading, education, family unity or children – books, toys, games, posters, backpacks, signs, food with words, etc.

Vendor Fee:   $25.00     The vendor fee is pre-paid and non-refundable. This is a fund raiser.

1.      Some tables and chairs are available on a first come-first served basis. Limited spaces for electricity.

2.      Vendors must collect all appropriate taxes and have a valid tax certificate on display

3.      Set up by 10:30 a.m.  Tear down beginning at 3:00 p.m. – not earlier  



Name of Business __________________________________________________________________________

Contact Person: _______________________________________________ Tax ID #: ____________________

Email Address: ____________________________________________ Phone:___________________________

Mailing Address: ___________________________________________________________________________

[         ] Check here if power (electricity) is required          [         ]  Please provide table and 2 chairs


Payment: Checks payable to: Mercy Works Inc.    Please place in Memo: Lit’ For Life Vendor Fee

Description of your product or service:________________________________________________________



By signing below you agree to the terms and conditions listed with this application and agree to hold harmless Lit’ For Life Family Literacy, organizers of the National Family Literacy Day/Syracuse, Shoppingtown Mall for any loss, damage or other circumstances. Refunds will only be available in the event the event is canceled by the sponsors.


Signature:      __________________________________                Date: ____________________


Please mail application and check to: Lysa D. Simmons, 106 Hatch Street, Syracuse, NY 13205-1614  Questions can be addressed to


Additional Information and Guidelines for Vendors:

1.        Vendors are asked to refrain from presenting or displaying products or services that is not appropriate to the nature of the event. This is a family event that will include children of all ages.

2.        Booth space will be about 10’x 6’ and most likely slightly larger – vending will be done in the corridors throughout the entire mall. Vendors will be assigned on a first-come first served basis and will be strategically located near event venues.

3.        Vendors may not “share space” with another vendor/product -  ONE VENDOR PER TABLE.

4.        Vendors are responsible for maintaining an area clean and neat and must remove any trash to appropriate receptacles provided by Shoppingtown Mall.

5.        Vendors are not allowed to have displays that limit the view of or obstruct another vendor’s space, including mall stores.

6.        All  power cords must be concealed / not exposed to customer traffic and must be taped securely to the floor.

7.        Vendors may not “redesign” the event space or more their location without permission from the sponsors. Vendors may be required to relocate at the request of Shoppingtown Mall to comply with all local, state, federal and fire safety requirements.

8.        Vendors who misrepresent information on the application and/or their product/services may be refused participation and will not be refunded.